LED Light replacement program

City of Palmerston.

LED Light replacement program

Prior to merging with PH Electrical, Espec was awarded the LED replacement program contract, which is being completed by Espec PH. The contract consists of replacing the existing lighting system with LED luminaries across the Palmerston region. Nearly 6500 light bulbs are required to be changed and recycled over the 24-month contract.

  • Replace all the existing pole lights (estimated 6500 lights)
  • Recycle the existing light bulbs, including recycling / disposal of mercury
  • Provision of traffic management
  • Replacement of poles or poles accessories, as required.


Simpro to manage assets management

Simpro is used to record and track the installed new lights. Simpro allows the user to scan the barcode assigned to each fitting and record the information of the asset. New barcodes can also be created and assigned to existing assets.

Routine / urgent maintenance

Espec PH is responsible for quarterly routine maintenance for the light bulbs for 12 months following installation. Any faulty lights found during inspection or installation are replaced immediately as part of the urgent maintenance response.

Dial Before You Dig

Cables need to be replaced in some of the lighting poles, requiring trenching works. Whenever required, Dial Before You Dig is engaged to ensure there is no
damage to underground cables. Espec PH liaises with Power Water Corporation who provides a cable locater and the area is marked for trenching. The area is
then hydro-vac and excavated so that maintenance work can be conducted before the trench is backfilled.

Salvaged materials

All light bulbs are recycled to avoid the toxic mercury entering landfill. Each day, the replaced light bulbs were collected, packaged in bubble wrap and
boxes then transported to the Espec PH workshop for safe storage. TOXFree collect the bulbs fortnightly for processing. Cardboard packaging, glass and cable is also salvaged and recycled. Other materials/assets, such as replaced
poles, are handed over to council.

Restricted working hours and traffic management

Work is delivered during the restricted hours of 0700 to 1700 Monday to Friday unless advanced written permission is obtained from the Superintendent. If
any work is required after hours near to a resident’s house, 1-week prior notification was provided. Espec PH seeks written approval from the Superintendent to conduct works near to schools on weekends. Trafficwerx NT prepare the Traffic Management Plans, which are implemented by Espec PH.